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Food and Beverage

The Food & Beverage industry is changing rapidly, consumers are becoming health conscious looking for healthy & convenient options leading to a rise in e-commerce websites delivering meal specific & prepped ingredients.

For long term sustainability, this sector needs to understand individual customer needs to target products accordingly through using key technologies to digitally transform their business.


FinTech is the mix of both financial services and technology. New technology is revolutionising the way organisations do business from enabling mobile payments to overseas transfers.

Businesses are being set up quickly and grown remotely giving entrepreneurs more options and flexibility.

Health industry

Technology has transformed the healthcare industry allowing medical professionals to use big data effectively, deliver medical records to patients via virtual communication methods & monitor patient wellbeing through health wearables transforming medicine for the better.

human resource management

Human Resources has adapted technological changes to align with evolving industry requirements. With millennails making up more than half of the current workforce, this sector is going to need to build their technological solutions to cater for this market.

HR requires repetitive and time consuming tasks to be completed on a regular basis, the good news is that technology has automated a lot these tasks making HR much more efficient and effective.


Businesses now have the ability to personalise shopping experiences for customers and deliver a seamless browsing journey leading to higher levels of customer retention.

In order to remain competitive, we’ll start to see the use of technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence enabling customers to access better availability of products and digital fitting rooms.


The use of technology is starting to revolutionise the hairdressing industry with salons implementing software to streamline processes becoming more efficient.

Virtual imaging is another powerful technology used remove the guesswork of what a specific haircut will look like by providing an ‘after’ preview before starting the haircut.


Gaming experiences have enhanced overtime with technological advancements including facial & voice recognition, virtual reality, augmented reality and wearable gaming.

These technologies have been a real game changer catering for a new market of gamers.


The logistics industry is undergoing a transformation as a result of emerging technologies. This is why digital infrastructures have been adopted to increase speed and accuracy.

In the near future, the supply chain will become faster and leaner making business operations more cost effective.

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