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Zupply is a fresh produce marketplace which connects wholesalers with restaurants, cafes and grocers.

Round Table Apps designed and developed both portals for Zupply.

Together the two portals facilitate everything from ordering, promotion, payment and in app communication to inventory, logistics and delivery.

for shops

Zupply is a one stop marketplace for Cafes, Restaurants and Grocers to interact with their suppliers.

The latest seasonal offers and promotions from suppliers are featured front and center.

The dashboard serves as a gateway to supplier interactions such as communication, recent orders and credit.

Ongoing communication between shop and warehouses is facilitated through on-dash messaging.

for warehouses

A holistic solution for warehouses to recieve orders, manage inventory and forcast product level purchasing, while also managing order fulfilment, delivery preparation and logistics.

Order statistics are presented at top, showing business revenue over time.

New orders are highlighted on the dashboard aiding rapid fulfilment and turnover.

Ongoing communication between warehouse and shops is facilitated through on-dash messaging.

The Result

Zupply is a one stop marketplace for shops. It connects and maintains ongoing relationships with favourite suppliers freeing up time to focus on core business.

It opens suppliers to new market opportunities while automating inventory management, order fulfilment, logistics and delivery.

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