Round Table Apps


Advisr is software that connects insurance brokers to their customers, while providing them a one-stop platform for all their insurance needs.

for Customers
The mobile first solution offers customers a streamlined way manage their whole insurance portfolio in one place

Customers place trust in brokers to manage their entire insurance portfolio. So the app needed to leverage this established trust, by looking and feeling like the broker’s own.

This meant creating an interface with the versatility to be branded by the broker.

for Brokers
Brokers get a birds eye view of performance, metrics, opportunities and a direct line to their customers to keep them engaged and help them manage their portfolio.

A card based dashboard was implemented to make relevant information accessible at a quick glance.

Cards shown can be customised for different roles and access types within the brokerage organisation.

Each card is a gateway to the rest of the system, while also providing tailored analytics for each user profile.

the result

Round Table Apps crafted a white label solution for brokers and their customers.

The ecosystem helps brokers establish meaningful rapport with their customers, while building lead generation and ongoing engagement through managed insurance portfolios.

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