We don’t just Fix things.
We don’t recreate whats been done before.
We solve BIG challenges and create new OPPORTUNITIES.


Consumers have come to expect transparent shopping experiences that offer healthy, fast, freshly prepared food options.
This demographic trend creates major challenges for the traditional food retail model - driving the need for consolidation and cost efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Digital transformation solves these problems while also creating new business opportunities.


Financial Technology (FinTech) describes the evolving intersection of financial services and Technology. According to Accenture, the global investments in fintech ventures tripled from $4.05 billion in 2013 to $12.2 billion in 2014

Furthermore, the associated reworking of financial regulations, new innovations and customer behaviour, means this figure will continue its sharp growth in the coming years.


The health industry lags behind other industries, such as retail and communications, in the deployment of emerging technologies such as wearables, artificial intelligence, automation, infrastructure scale-ups and sophisticated virtual reality.

Tech innovations loom on health industry’s horizon with great potential to disrupt in the near future.


The digital transformation of HR and employee engagement will be a competitive advantage for organisations over the next coming years. As employees are now empowered by the digital era, they are connected not only to each other but also to a broader ecosystem of network within their company.

Mobile devices have become the norm to find and select job offers and apply online in a simple and agile manner. For companies, it is also a way to communicate on a modern image and a digital transformation maturity.


With the massive shift of online buying experiences, the way fashion is designed, produced, distributed, marketed and sold is changing rapidly.

The fashion industry is creating seamless solutions which blur the distinction between offline and online , tailoring unique experiences to every user with the best of both worlds.


The disaggregation of legal tasks fueled by globalisation, technological advances, and the financial crisis have paved potential for automation in legal services.

Growing number of sophisticated firms and partners are beginning to invest in internal technology leaders, as well as partnering with external experts to automate time-consuming activities, ensuring their operations focus on areas where they can really make a difference.


It’s no secret the gaming industry is becoming increasingly mobile with iOS and Android experiencing hyper growth each year.

Gaming experiences have various applications and purpose - with real world interaction, accessories, social and gamification aspects becoming an increasingly important part of maintaining user engagement for tasks not typically associated with games themselves.


Efficient processes have always been at the forefront of logistics. Hence the industry has rapidly adopted digital infrastructures to increase speed and utilisation and stay ahead of competition.

Warehouse management, supply chain tracking, automation and drones for online delivery have emerged ubiquitously.